Workload Scheduling by PFIM will transform your scheduling from this...


Computerise your existing white boards and transform your workforce management with PFIM's Workload Scheduling

Manage Your Workforce With PFIM

Efficiently schedule and manage valuable resources and workloads with the PFIM Workload Scheduling module.

Workforce management is a key component of any service related organisation. Productive managment of your teams is therefore a critical task that impacts on service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Updating white boards is tedious and inefficient - using the PFIM scheduling functionality will save your operations department time and give them a clear view of how their resources are deployed at any given moment in time.

The duration of the view can easily be changed from 2 days to quarterly and the time slots from 5 minutes to a day. Various other filters allow the display to show only the information that is required.

Using flat screen TVs or projectors enables the information to be displayed and available dynamicly to a wider audience.

All changes are immediately visible in other areas of the system.