Computerised Maintenance Management System

A Computerised Maintenance Management System (also known as a CMMS) is defined as a software package that maintains a computer database of information about an organization’s maintenance operations.

The PFIM Computerised Maintenance Management System is a CMMS software solution that is provided by Peritus Business Solutions (PFIM is an acronym for Peritus Financial & Inventory Management).

By definition a CMMS should store information about an organisation’s maintenance operations with the objective of helping the organisation and their staff to operate more effectively. Examples of this are knowing which equipment requires what maintenance and when.

The PFIM CMMS does this by providing the ability to store information about unique pieces of equipment in the serial number management module. These pieces of equipment are identified by their Serial Number tag – it can also be an Asset Number that is unique across the system.

A service history is maintained by the system when transactions are processed relating to managed units. This information includes procurement, implementation and maintenance.

The Scheduled Maintenance and Contracts module is used to automatically generate the service schedules for a period. The period can be a week or a month. A job Card is also automatically created by the system. The service schedules are build up from a user definable library of schedules and tasks.

The PFIM workload scheduling module is used to allocate the jobs to technicians and sub contractors. The scheduling module clearly identifies and displays double bookings and overtime.

A history of costs can be referenced for a unique asset. These costs include time, materials and travel expenses incurred in maintaining the equipment.

The PFIM Job Costing system integrates with the Computerised Maintenance Management System to provide a comprehensive Job Card (Works Order) management system.

The Procurement module provides the ability to order materials and services for a specific job card or works order. This makes it easy to generate a report listing outstanding purchase orders for a job as well as costs to date including time, materials and travel.

More information about the PFIM CMMS can be found here.