Serial Number Tracking

Serial Number Tracking / Asset Tracking is a fundamental element of maintenance management.

PFIM Serial Number Tracking uses a combination of an asset’s unique Serial Number and the Product Code (from the PFIM Stock / Inventory module) to create a tag which is used to identify a unique item across the system.

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PFIM uses this “Serial Number” tag to track a unique item from procurement (purchase) to disposal (sale or scrapping). This provides a complete Service History of the item. The PFIM purchase order system provides for the entering of Serial Numbers at the point of order or receipt in order to take control of unique assets as early as possible in the life cycle of the asset.

The PFIM Mobile Application integrates with Serial Number Tracking to enable technicians to quickly identify the correct equipment to be maintained and record operational data about the equipment.Identify assets and equipment by scanning barcodes

A master file of information can be built up about each unit. The type of information that can be stored for each unit includes the make, model and a serial number of the unit.

The original purchase date and the warranty period can also be stored. If the unit is ordered and brought into the system using the PFIM Procurement (Purchase Order System) then the supplier’s invoice document number and the date of purchase will be recorded in the transaction history of the unit.

Every time the unit is transferred to a different site the transaction history will be updated to reflect the history of locations where the unit has been.

The specific location of the unit can be stored on the master file – for example, the floor and or room number of where the unit is located – this can save a technician the time required to locate a unit when he needs to perform maintenance on it.

Useful Documents and images related to this unit can be stored (or linked) to this item for quick access to important information specific to this asset. Manuals and technical drawings can be linked to a specific unit or to the inventory master file for the unit to be shared across all similar units.

The Serial Number module is an integral part of the Computerised Maintenance Management System by Peritus (PFIM CMMS).

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