Service History

A Computerised Maintenance Management System must maintain a Service History

A Service History provides useful information about procurement, installation, maintenance and eventual disposal of an asset or piece of equipment.

Performance, reliability and total cost of ownership can be derived from the service history of an item to assist in repair or replace decisions.

The Computerised Maintenance Management System by Peritus (PFIM CMMS) provides the Serial Number tracking module which uses a Serial Number tag and links Job Cards (Works Orders) to this tag in order to provide a complete service history on demand.

The technician responsible for a job card or works order can be quickly determined for an item. This provides the ability to determine responsibility and ownership for work performed on an item.

The PFIM Mobile Application for Technicians provides a convenient means for technicians to enter readings and other information pertaining to equipment to assist with building a reliable and up to date history. This information is made available to the technicians via the PFIM mobile app for technicians to assist with fault diagnosis and performance trends.

By using the system provided service reports – tolerances, pressures and other measurements can be drawn from the service history database.

Because all Job Cards are part of the PFIM Job Costing system – any costs associated with the installation and maintenance of an asset will be readily available on demand.

Any Job Card or Works Order can be linked to a Serial Number regardless of whether the Job was for the original installation or a Job that was automatically generated by the system for scheduled maintenance or a Job that was created because of a break down from the PFIM service desk.

Maintaining a Service History is a critical function of a Computerised Maintenance Management System and is comprehensively catered for by PFIM CMMS maintenance management software by Peritus.

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