fault reporting

Give your customers your best service by making use of the PFIM Fault Report system and boost your revenue by maximising sales opportunities !


Do you make use of a fault report?

The PFIM Mobile Application for Technicians provides the ability to quickly add issues to a Fault Report for the customer. The Fault Report provides details about the fault and the technician can optionally upload photos of the equipment and or problem encountered.

clipboard-checklistHow does your organisation respond to faults or issues that are detected by technicians during routine maintenance or services?

The PFIM CMMS system provides the Fault Report module to log faults detected during regular preventative maintenance

Are you required to submit quotations for any work that is outside of the regular maintenance or service ?

The PFIM Service Desk system helps you track and manage faults that are logged to ensure that quotations are generated. The faults remain in the system until the customer accepts or declines the quotation.

How do you ensure that all these incidents are followed up and that any accepted quotations are correctly billed for later ?

The PFIM Service Desk system provides the tools to help you manage faults, quotations, resulting Job Cards and invoices. When a quotation is accepted by the customer - the PFIM system gereates a resulting Job Card which is assigned to a technician in order to perform the work as specified.

Are you assisting your customers to operate their equipment as efficiently as possible and saving them expensive downtime by bringing early warning signals to their attention?

The PFIM CMMS simplifies the procedures and task of generating fault reports for your customers assets / equipment so that decisions can be taken to repair or replace. By not correctly managing faults, quotations and Job Cards - your organisation could be losing out on valuable revenue!